All censorship is violence

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All censorship is violence. This includes calls to “stop the dangerous propagation of misinformation because it can harm people.”

If you think that speaking one’s mind may be dangerous to others and may put other people at risk, then your “care” for people’s well-being isn’t actually care at all – it’s bigotry.  What you’re doing is belittling others, because you’re implying that people are stupid and unable to make their own decisions. You’re implying that you know better than they do – when it comes to matters of their personal best interest – and putting yourself above them. You’re abusing (if you’re an “expert”) or seizing (if you’re an online commentator) authority, taking away people’s freedom to choose for themselves, all while making it sound like you’re protecting them from harm. This is hypocrisy, bigotry and violence.

Take what’s likely the most famous example of censorship – ████’s “Mein Kampf.” Instead of openly studying ████’s work and allowing our generation to understand why he did what he did and to see exactly how the previous generation fell into the trap of believing him – the book is censored and all we’re told is that it was “bad” and “never again.” The result? The “forbidden fruit” of the book, ████’s persona, and the mysterious might of the ███ ███ actually contributed to the rise of neo-███s in Germany and the US. “Never again,” you say? Take a look at what’s happening in the world now, and tell me that the ███ isn’t ████ ██ their plan to ██ ████ of ████, while ██████ ███, who ████ ███, of their ███, ███ and ████ – all in the name of the greater good. Sound familiar?

Censorship is totalitarianism. When it becomes OK to censor people’s opinions on the level of system policies, you can be sure that you’re sliding towards a ████ █████.

Take online giants like ██████, █████ and ████ (the latter two being the same company). C█████p is now part of their algorithms, which means that people are being censored automatically – by machines. If that doesn’t send chills up your spine, then, perhaps, you’ve become so numb to the ██-saturated ██████ environment, that it now takes ████ ███ about ██████ ████ all your ████ ███ for you feel anything at all.

██████ considers female █████ offensive. That sentence alone should make you concerned. ██████ can try to justify it every which way – that they are a family-friendly platform, that they’re acting in the best interests of the community – but the fact of the matter is simple: ██████ discriminates against women. Who gave them permission to be our moral compass?

When it comes to questions like “do ██████ pose risks your health?” and “is ██ safe?” all these online giants increasingly censor information that contradicts the one official narrative that’s conveniently identical across all mainstream media: “everyone should ██████,” “people who question ██ safety are tinfoil-hat-wearing lunatics.” Did their CEOs ████ ████████ or ██ ███ ever take the Hippocratic Oath?

What about the kids, you might ask? Shouldn’t we censor the world to protect the kids? I agree, the world today looks really ████ scary. But sweeping things under the rug will only make matters worse. Change the world – don’t hide the atrocities from the kids! If you think that kids are dumb little animals who need you to make them into people, then, perhaps, you’re suffering from a ████ ███. By denying your children access to information you’re denying them sovereignty. You’re teaching them that they’re simply confused, and that some else – someone with authority – knows what’s in their best interest.

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On April 17, 2020
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