Corruption in Science

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There is a big difference between the idea of science – its original intention and principles – and the “science” that’s in practice today. The reason why I’m using quotes here is because today’s “science” is not science at all. While the intended idea of science is to serve humanity and to facilitate humankind’s progress, the intention behind today’s “science” is to concentrate even more power and control over the masses in the hands of the already powerful. And while the principles of science involve questioning all assumptions and changing one’s mind based on experimental evidence, the only principle of today’s “science” is fraud – to portray a preconceived agenda as a scientific fact by all means necessary. Instead of serving humankind, “science” has become the means of manipulating the public.

The most effective method of manipulation is money. Corruption in science boils down to funding: “do as we say and we will pay you handsomely, steer away from the narrative and you won’t see another cent.” This is the system in all major educational institutions, scientific journals and government organizations, which today receive millions upon billions of dollars in private interest funding.

There are, of course, those scientists, who refuse to be corrupted by money, but, unfortunately, there are far too few of them. Their honest work is usually overshadowed by “agenda science” and gets tossed by the wayside as insignificant. If, however, their work gains traction and starts to present a real threat to big financial interests, other means are deployed: ostracizing, ruining of careers, extortion, threats, violence, and – in some cases – murder. We’ve seen this too many times.

“Private corporations have full and complete control over the proprietary research and trial data in their possession. This means they have the discretion to decide what data to release or not.”

The majority of all pharmaceutical experiment trials are never published. In most cases this is simply because these trials contain “negative results” – results that contradict the benefits, expose dangerous side effects, or otherwise portray a given pharmaceutical product in a negative light. This particular kind of fraud has caused thousands – if not tens of thousands – of injuries and deaths in unsuspecting customers in the US alone.

“Only 55/200 journals (28%) required trial registration according to their instructions and a further three (2%) encouraged it.”

Over the course of several decades capitalism in the US has entirely subjugated and devoured medicine. Pharmaceuticals became one of the most profitable industries and, at the same time, America became the sickest out of most developed countries. Regardless of a corporation’s officially declared mission, the purpose of every corporation is to make shareholders happy. To believe that a corporation will sacrifice its profit for the well-being of its customers is simply naïve.

People seem to blindly trust in science as if it’s a religion, as if the officially declared scientific consensus is the law, and tomes and tomes of “proof” found in peer-reviewed published studies are the Bible. But, just like all things human, science is corruptible. If we don’t ask difficult questions, if we don’t follow the money and see the numerous conflicts of interest that define the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, mass media and the government, then we’re not being scientific at all.

Real science is not based on trust, it is based on inquiry. If we don’t start seeing the bigger picture and asking difficult questions, the corruption in science will have disastrous consequences for all of humanity.

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On May 6, 2020
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