Has science become dogmatic?

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failure-cartoon1-300x217We don’t like to change our convictions, and seem to be stubbornly stuck with the first, or with the most emotionally charged conclusion, at which we previously arrived in regards to a given subject. This is because the ego hates to be – or to even have previously been – wrong. To the ego being proven wrong equals a mini-death. The discovery of the paradox of its existence is ego’s own biggest fear, since this is possibly a precursor of its subsequent loss of control.

When it comes to our convictions and worldview, we somehow view inflexibility as a hallmark of sanity – on some level we think that if we change our convictions, this somehow makes us unstable. Another factor is that we want to be loved and accepted and, as the result, have developed the unfortunate habit of testing the validity of our views by comparing them to the views of the majority, believing that the view of the majority is the same thing as common sense.

This resistance to change results in rigidity of our beliefs and in a false sense of structure, to which we grow attached, and with which we begin identifying ourselves. Anything, which seems to threaten the stability of these imaginary fortresses, we then perceive as a direct attack. Herein lies the conundrum of modern science, where, instead of its intended model of an evolving, living and breathing body of desire for knowledge, we’ve inherited the behemoth of an immovable and stagnant construct built on obsession with being right.

Instead of resisting change or reacting defensively, we can learn to truly celebrate each instance when we find out that we were wrong. Why? Because this way we can learn to disidentify from our beliefs. Unattached from any illusory structures we can look for our true identity deeper within ourselves. We can celebrate having learned something and, thus, having grown. We can celebrate that we are one step closer to being free from ego’s control.

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On June 28, 2015
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