Letting Go

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letting-goWhy is it so difficult to say ‘good bye’? Why is it so difficult to let go, to release? There is a fear behind parting ways with a good experience, and that fear is a negative projection into the future, which makes you think that you will not experience that level of joy again, that the future will somehow be worse than the past.

But that is never the case! Reflect on your past for just five seconds – your life is an evolution. Your perception has been expanding as you learn and grow, your experiences have been steadily stretching your emotional spectrum, pushing the limits that were set by prior events. Do you really think that, since this experience has been the ‘best so far’, it means that nothing better is possible? That you’ve hit some sort of a ceiling, an experiential boundary on the scale of joy? Not only is the Universe limitless, it’s also expanding, and when you let go of your fears, you grow with the Universe, you contribute to its expansion.

Of course, this experience is unique and will not repeat. Ever. But this is true whether you cling to it or let it go – everything always changes – the world, others – every moment is different and unique. It’s not easy to wrap your mind around this, but you change 1043 times per second! That’s the beauty of our experience – its fleeting nature gives us more reason to savor every moment. To be Here and Now.

If you compare taking the experience in with inhaling, then exhaling is letting it go. If you don’t breathe out, you won’t be able to breathe in.

Just the same, if you don’t let go of the old, you cannot have anything new. When you cling to a person, object or experience, you’re effectively saying ‘no’ to what the Universe has prepared for you next. Emotional ties are self-made shackles, a prison that you’ve built for yourself, which closes you off from the world, from connection, from life.

Letting go is the ultimate freedom, because when you release anyone or anything, you’re setting yourself free. You feel lighter. You feel more like yourself.

When you let go of expectations, life begins to shower you with pleasant surprises and brings about events you couldn’t come up with in your wildest dreams. You allow the Universe to do its part, you learn to trust that She is on your side. Reflect on your past for five more seconds – the best things came your way when you weren’t trying to force them.

How do you know that it’s time to let go? Listen. Feel. Be honest with yourself. Nothing good can come from fighting the current – go with the flow of life that you are. Breathe. Be You.

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On July 23, 2015
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