On Becoming Aware

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torusBecoming aware does not mean “trying to get others to change” or “attempting to change the world around you.” Becoming aware means choosing to be the best version of yourself in the moment, being rooted in your inner-most truth and – by example – inspiring others to do the same. Interestingly enough – as the result of this becoming, the world around you changes.

Your world always reflects back to you the choices you predominantly make. Becoming aware begins with the understanding that the choice is not a philosophy – it’s a very concrete cause of all the effects you experience, even though these effects often appear random and seem to be outside of your control. The next step in becoming aware is to actually make a different choice – the one you haven’t made before. To face the fear, which has been stopping you and to go through it. To see that your fear is the only thing that was holding you back. Do this, and you will feel liberation which cannot be compared to anything else.

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On May 6, 2015
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