Our Chance to Evolve

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The Gift

Earth Neural NetworkThe diversity in human beings – the infinite uniqueness of each person’s body, genes, character and mindset – allows our experience to be unspeakably rich and colorful. What makes it so exciting to live in these times is that this diversity is currently presenting humanity with a gift – a tangible opportunity to evolve. This gift is lovingly hidden inside the most challenging riddle humankind has ever faced – how do we transcend our self-imposed psychological limitations of fear, lies and the illusion of separation, evolve as a species, and live our fullest birthright potential?

Unique expressions of some individuals are fairly easy to recognize: albino, colorblind, savant, mathematical genius, the list goes on. It’s more difficult to spot other forms of diversity – in particular we should look closely at those people, whom society labeled “psychopaths”. Statistically, this is about 1% of the entire human population. A psychopath is someone who cannot feel empathy or remorse due to his genetic and physiological makeup. In vast majority of the population an individual’s self-centered, dominating and inconsiderate behavior is usually inhibited by his empathy towards others and by the impending pain of remorse for his actions. Psychopaths simply do not have these inhibitions.

In the early age, when a psychopath discovers that he is different, he learns how to adapt: to lie and to pretend being ‘normal’, to pretend that he cares. Secrecy becomes his only salvation, and his survival instinct demands that all of his energy be directed toward his covert war against the world – the world, which does not understand him.

Less cunning psychopaths quickly end up institutionalized or jailed. On the other hand, those, who get exceptionally good at deceiving, blackmailing and back-stabbing, learn to use their “gift” for the purpose of quickly rising to the top of the most powerful positions in the world: corporations, banks, military and government.

The Scale

Regardless of the amount of power a psychopath holds, his battle with the world is never quite won. To maintain the same level of perceived control, a psychopath has to continue to assert more and more power and domination over others. The only way to achieve this kind of growth is to find allies in other “successful” psychopaths, to oust all non-psychopaths from positions of power, and to devise a global system of veiled tyranny. This system would use the same techniques the individual psychopath uses to adapt – secrecy, deceit, fear and war – to bring to its knees the entire human race. It’s gruesomely brilliant due to its illusory nature – the system would only be comprised of a collective mindset – a virtual parasite, which derives power from its host – the general populace, who is unaware of their consent to their own self-enslavement. This program is in full swing today, deeply entrenched in our psyche, orchestrating the self-perpetuation of our condition, which can only be described as collective insanity.

The Real Nature of the Problem

Hate, therefore, is not the cause of suffering in the world, hate is just one of the resulting effects of a deeper underlying issue – the indifference of a psychopath in power. The root cause of our suffering is our failing to understand an ill person and then buying into his lies. The root cause of suffering is the withdrawal of empathy and love from the people, who need it most.

So how is all this a gift? In order for us to evolve – to really change – there has to be the most compelling reason, a life-or-death situation that leaves us no other choice except to either change our ways or die. In other words, our conditions must become so painful that it forces us to adopt a new mindset. When we consider all the suffering in the world, it becomes clear that we are at this threshold now.

What can I do about this?

Of course, this challenge can seem insurmountable if I look at it from the perspective of “I’m just one person in a giant world,” but this perspective is exactly what we’re looking to change. When we remember that the macrocosm is the microcosm, it becomes clear that the Earth is a living, breathing being, a conscious organism that is now waking up to its true identity. A clear sign of this is that the Earth has recently developed a neural network we call “the Internet”.

Before we consider what exactly needs to be done, we must first understand what hasn’t been working: borders, legislature, segregation, nationalism, terrorism – all lies are directed to divide and fragment the mind, to create an “us vs. them” mentality, to instill a perpetual fight-or-flight mode, to close off the mind from even considering the possibility of looking at things differently. Guilt, shame, blame, anger – all fear-based states are food for the mind parasite. So resistance, in its original sense, is futile. I must do something different. In order to re-gain control of the choice of my state, I have to remember who I am.

Who am I?

The global mindset is a hologram that’s not only comprised of and affected by my mindset – it is my mindset. My worldview, then, is the one and only thing I need to alter, in order to affect real change in the world, and altering my own worldview is something that is definitely within my power. My intent is to know who I am, to open, to fully express myself, and to love everything and everyone without setting forth any conditions.

love-yourself-unconditionallyWhen I want to alter any aspect of my experience, I ask myself the question “What internal change do I need to make, in order to see it reflected in my external experience?” In order to create peace on Earth I make peace with myself. In order to really love and accept everyone – including the psychopaths, which is absolutely essential – I fully accept and love myself, I shine my light on those parts of my psyche, which I’ve been hiding in the dark, ignoring or resisting. In order to unite the humankind, I heal, integrate and unify the entirety of myself.

Loving the psychopath does not mean caving in or buying into his lies. In order for me to believe a lie, there has to be an unloved part of me, which desperately wants to be exposed. My intent is to live from the place of knowing who I am – to be so firmly rooted in my truth – that all aspects of my being are no longer congruent with any lie. I respect everyone’s choices, but first and foremost I respect myself: I know when to say “No”, I stand up for myself, and I do what’s right.

This is our chance to evolve. A real opportunity to become free of insanity, free to create, free to be. But freedom is only for those, who do not fear responsibility. I made my choice. It’s your turn.

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On November 27, 2015
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