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angry-mob-outrage-reactIt’s not about “them”

Outrage – whether in words or actions – can only make a problem worse. How come? Because outrage creates a superficial “us vs. them” separation, it implies that some are better than others. Outrage is a way of externalizing responsibility, a cop-out. Judgement, blame – each is a missed opportunity; the situation, which triggered it, is always a chance for me to look within, to see what part of me I am refusing to accept.

And, by the way, outrage against an earlier outrage is still the same “rage”. Regardless of which side I pick, by reacting I’m contributing to the same problem.


A re-action is a mirror image of the action, it can only come from the same level of thinking as the instigating action. A reaction is, by definition, automatic – I come up with reasoning and justification for the way I reacted only afterward – psychology experiments prove this. Reacting is, essentially, forfeiting the choice. Reacting has its time and place – in a life-threatening situation or when playing sports – but not when it comes to social interaction.  A response, on the other hand, is very different from a reaction, in that it implies choice, intent and responsibility. A response implies a deeper sense of awareness of the underlying cause of the issue, and can, therefore, actually be effective.

My choice

Every decision that I make affects the Whole. I continuously inform the Universe with my every action, decision and conclusion I come to. Every one of my choices affects everyone else. My goal, therefore, is to make each choice intentionally. To respond. This is how I choose to make this world better – by making empowering choices for myself. By taking responsibility for my actions.

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On August 6, 2015
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