So, what’s your story?

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storyEach one of us is a Story, which the Universe is telling to itself. Sometimes we are the actor, other times we are the audience. Sometimes we are the book, other times we are the child turning the page. This is one of many examples of the inherent duality of the double-torus feedback-feedforward loop: creation and experience, male and female, electromagnetism and gravity, expansion and contraction, question and answer.

Story is a fractal spiral, written on the fabric of space with the pen of awareness, stretching the singularity of this moment into the illusion of time. Immersed in a good story, we become it – our experience and creation merges with those of the characters, and affects us in a very profound way – as if we are living the events ourselves.

“So, what’s your story?” Properly formulated questions carry the potential of uncovering our story – our past – revealing the untruths, and allowing us to make amends, forgive, heal, console and empower ourselves in the light of our Truth.

We can literally change our past, because the past is formed from the present, not the other way around.
– Nassim Haramein

Each one of us is the audience, cameraman, actor, producer and screenplay writer. You are writing your own script, whether you’re aware of this or not. Try it – write something different. Dare.

So, what’s your story?

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On July 5, 2015
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