The Essence of Fear

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fear-machineFear – in its essence – is a machine, in that it’s an artificial program. This program targets the primal root of our physiology – the fight-or-flight response mechanism of the cerebral cortex. Using our automatic emotional reactions, the fear program exploits this mechanism and fully subjugates the host.

In order to get to the cerebral cortex, fear uses the host’s adopted and re-created lies, which stem from and build upon the false underlying beliefs “I’m not loved” or “I’m not good enough.” As long as the host continues to hold onto lies and rotten beliefs – about himself, others, about the world at large – the fear’s malicious code continues to exploit this “security hole”, grips the host via the most primal part of his brain, and the host will do anything for fear to loosen its grip.

The fear program’s main motivation is its own survival, which it assures by continually making the host miserable and fully occupied with looking for a solution to the “problem,” which fear created in the first place. Fear’s ultimate lie is that it has your best interests in mind – fear presents itself as a benevolent virtue – a smart and caring voice that shows the way and wants to be your friend. The truth is that fear always leads to the result, which you were afraid of. Everything that fear does is motivated solely by its own interests: control, superiority, possession, etc. – each interest being a lie in itself.

Fear is always there – we are primates after all. But you have a choice – will you continue to fall for its lie?

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On April 21, 2015
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