On Transcendence, Self/Less, and uploading of consciousness

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consciousnessMatter and energy are an extension of consciousness into the “physical” world. Consciousness is the source – the foundation – of everything. Consciousness both creates this world and chooses to extend itself into the “here and now” in various forms, in order to experience and learn about itself. Consciousness germinates the seed into a plant; consciousness grows a fertilized egg into a human being.

Consciousness is not thought – it is the silent observer underneath all thought. Consciousness assures that each being has the freedom of choice. What do you choose to focus on? What is the Universe learning through you? This choice is the foundation of our experience and the essence of our freedom.

Consciousness is both timeless (eternal) and non-local (infinite). Your memories are not stored inside your head. The brain is a fractal antenna, a transmitter-receiver. Consciousness cannot be uploaded or transferred, because this would imply manipulating consciousness via the fabric of spacetime – a medium, by which consciousness cannot be bound, because consciousness constructed spacetime to begin with.

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On March 12, 2015
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