What about the Bad Wolf?

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Two-WolvesThe Two Wolves of the Native American tale – the Good and Bad – don’t have to fight. The two wolves are of the same pack, they are brother and sister, and their fighting is not necessary at all. The battle between the two parts is what destroys us from the inside. To see through this duality, and to reconcile the two wolves is to know peace.

Gravity – Inward – represents singularity, and electromagnetism – Outward – represents duality. The overarching higher duality that arises from this is the relationship between gravity and electromagnetism, the superduality. The Two Wolves metaphor goes deeper, layer by layer into creation: the literal relationship between the two wolves, the analogy for a person’s psyche and the internal battle between the heart and the mind, the relationship between “good” and “bad”. Since there’s no such thing as “intrinsically bad”, the illusion of “bad” emerges from the infinite diversity of appearances, of facets of creation. This diversity – this outward force – possesses a unique quality, which gravity can only dream about – polarity. Out of this abundance comes the appearance of plurality, the appearance of separation, the appearance of a difference between me and you. This plurality is the real nature of the “bad” wolf – it’s not bad at all.

You don’t want to starve or kill the Bad wolf – you don’t want to and cannot kill anything inside yourself – you want to fully understand your Bad wolf, befriend and become him fully and confidently, without being afraid of him. He’s not “bad” by nature; he’s considered “bad” because of his unalienable freedom – his inherent diversity of choice is so vast that it allows everyone to choose absolutely anything, including the “bad”.

Yes, Inward is our essence – we are all One. But without Outward we cannot experience this world in all of its countless diversity. Outward is just a bad-ass wolf.

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On December 9, 2015
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