Your Body

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infantYou couldn’t wait to be here. Eagerly anticipating this wonderful dream, with all its colors and sounds, delicious smells and fireworks of senses, you were drawn to that sacred couple making love. The more they lost themselves in each other, the closer to You they were. The eternity of their bliss turned into a timeless moment when Two became One – a singularity. You gave the fertilized egg all your attention, all your care and love – so much so that you became it. “This is how I will begin my journey,” you thought.

You knew exactly what to do. You divided and grew in the warmth of your mother’s womb. She was your Universe and gave you everything: food, energy and love. In patient harmony with the Law of Gestation you lovingly sculpted your vessel.

You were born – your Universe expanded. You learn and grow, continuing to sculpt, to adapt, to change. And now, as you read this, the bigger part of You caringly orchestrates the magnificent symphony of trillions of cells you call your “body”.

In order to create and experience this reality, you continuously shape a part of it into a home, a vessel, a 3-D reflection of your magnificence. Do you love it? Is it a source of joy for you? If your body was a symphony, what would it sound like?

Imagine this… You’re holding an infant in your arms. It is your baby girl. You look each other in the eyes and feel a connection stronger than you could ever dream. You love her. She is beautiful! This experience brings you tremendous joy, and you’re grateful to your child for simply being, for giving you the opportunity to feel these wonderful emotions.

Each cell of your body is your child – a physical child of your non-physical Self. Love your body as you would love your child. Be kind to your body. Appreciate the opportunity it gives you to experience this world.

It is never the case that “your body doesn’t love you” – that cannot be. In fact, your body loves you so much, that it will always reflect back to you the harmony or dissonance of the two perspectives: the perspective you’re predominantly holding, and the perspective of your higher Self – your truth.

Just as your baby’s cry indicates that you should do something differently, your body’s cry indicates that you should look for a perspective which feels better. It’s not difficult – feel into each perspective without identifying with it and intend on seeking a better-feeling perspective when something is off.

Listen. Feel. Try looking at things differently. Your body will thank you for it.

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On July 29, 2015
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